10 Tips to Improve Your SEO Content Writing

10 Tips for SEO Content Writing will help drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales


SEO Content Writing provides content tailored to specific keywords and to specific points in the buying process. This help your company’s visibility online and to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales.

Use Blog Marketing to Grow Your Business

Blog Marketing is a key component of your Inbound Marketing Strategy. Mike D. O'Brien


Blog Marketing is a key component of your Inbound Marketing Strategy because it drives traffic, generates leads, and increases sales by providing search engine optimized content tailored to specific keywords and specific points in the buying process.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing | Mike D. O'Brien | Content Marketing | SEO Content Writer


For decades, businesses have relied on outbound marketing to promote their products and services. They pushed their product on you over and over until you had nothing left but the desire to purchase it. But then the game changed. The Internet and Google have nearly made outbound marketing obsolete.

Keyword Research Tools for Success

Keyword Research develops an SEO strategy for your content


SEO is an ever-changing landscape because Google’s algorithms are constantly changing to improve their user’s experience. Instead of fighting it, your company needs to stay abreast on the changes to SEO best practices to keep your outstanding organic search results, or improve weak ones. That’s why finding and targeting the right keywords for your campaign is an integral part of driving traffic, funneling visitors through the sales process, and increasing sales.

Developing S.M.A.R.T. Digital Marketing Goals

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Digital Marketing


You don’t achieve goals by dreaming. You achieve goals by creating a clear strategy, considering all obstacles along the way, and setting a specific timeline in which you plan to achieve the goal. The best approach is to develop S.M.A.R.T. goals that define Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound keys to determine whether you achieved your goals or not.






Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Common Mistakes of Content Marketing


A well-structured content marketing strategy can help any type of business drive more traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. However, that doesn’t mean there is a one-size-fits-all magic template. Your business needs to develop a strategy that includes a target audience, keyword analysis, and a specific timeline. Don’t make these other common mistakes either.


Top 10 Myths of Inbound Marketing

Top 10 Myths of Inbound Marketing


A well-structured inbound marketing strategy will help drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales by providing answers for your customers. This type of marketing, providing information instead of pushing products, is the business-world’s answer to ad-blockers and DVRs that can fast forward through commercial breaks. Customers are searching for answers to their questions. If your firm isn’t providing those answers, your competitors are. And customers are buying from, and always have bought from, companies they trust.

The Flesch Reading Ease Test and Content Marketing

Flesch Reading Ease Test and Content Marketing


One of the many factors contributing to Google’s search algorithms is a reading ease test. This score rates how difficult a piece of written content is to read based on the number of words per sentence and the number of syllables per word. By calculating readability, Google adds another layer to providing their customers with the best results.

How to Create Buyer Personas

Creating Buyer Personas is the foundation for your inbound marketing strategy


One of the keys to a successful inbound marketing strategy is targeting your content to specific audiences and tailored to specific points in the buying process. You’ve been putting it off for far too long, and you know it. Don’t fear! Creating buyer personas isn’t as difficult as you think, and will help solidify your content marketing moving forward.

How to Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to develop an inbound marketing strategy for your small business


When executed properly, inbound marketing can help all businesses grow by driving more web traffic and generating more leads. However, if not done properly, or only half-complete, you’ll present your business as incomplete online. But there are only so many hours in a day and there are so many things to do, especially as a small business owner. If you choose to perform an inbound marketing strategy in-house, below are the steps you need to create a winning strategy.

Introduction to Programmatic Advertising

Introduction to Programmatic Advertising includes learning key terms and learning the dangers.


Programmatic ad buying refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising as opposed to the traditional process that involves Request for Proposals (RFPs), human negotiations, and manual insertion orders. Programmatic software also allows advertisers to buy guaranteed ad impressions in advance from specific sites.

Single Page Websites and SEO

SEO Content Writer | Single Page Website | Mike D. O'Brien



More businesses are designing single page websites because of how easy it is to maintain and the ease of use on mobile devices. The problem is that Google likes pages, links between pages, and site density, which is one of the main contributing factors responsible for the rise in blogging by businesses.


How Inbound Marketing Helps Financial Advisors

How does Inbound Marketing help Financial Advisors acquire more business? By developing trust with website visitors


Financial advisors are at a bit of a crossroads. They provide a valuable service, but since the Great Recession, trust in Wall St. and financial advisors have plummeted. In an industry that relies on trust to acquire new customers how does a financial advisor develop that trust? By providing content specifically targeted to the questions their potential clients are asking, financial advisors can generate more leads from their website.





Top 5 Ways to Generate Leads with Twitter

Top 5 Ways to Generate Leads with Twitter


Twitter is a great tool to generate leads and interact with prospects because it’s informal. People engaging on Twitter have their guard down (to an extent) and are looking to grow their own following by engaging with others. However, when used for business your objectives are to generate leads and increase sales, and not simply engaging with others.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency


Choosing a digital marketing agency can feel overwhelming because of all the noise. SEM! Social Media Marketing! Increase Sales 50,000%! Not surprisingly, small businesses in particular feel weary when it comes to hiring an outside agency. When searching for a digital marketing agency, it’s important to have set goals before listening to pitches and to make sure an agency’s philosophy and talents meet your objectives.

Everything You Need to Know About Penguin 4.0

Penguin 4.0 will punish sites and businesses that don't adhere to white-hat link-building practices


Penguin 3.0 changed the search engine world when it was released at the end of 2014 and punished sites that had acquired a large number of spammy links and had benefited from those links with better search results. Even though it only affected <1% of US- English search queries, some businesses were completely removed from Google’s results and were told they’d have to wait until the next Penguin update for a possible return.

What’s the Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?

What's the difference between inbound marketing and content marketing?


“In the red corner, we have Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, co-creators of HubSpot and inbound marketing defenders! And, in the blue corner we have Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, and content marketing advocate!”

And the battle rages on. Pick a side, but know, that you can’t be undecided… but wait. What’s the difference? Isn’t content marketing just a subset of inbound marketing?


SEO vs. SEM: The difference between SEO and SEM


More and more, SEO and SEM are used interchangeably, to the detriment of everyone. They are not synonyms. While it can be a confusing topic (especially after reading some posts on the subject), once understood it’s actually very simple. The key aspect to remember is that SEM is an umbrella that covers many aspects of a successful online marketing strategy, including SEO.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses


Though some small business owners still don’t know what inbound is, most of the business owners I encounter simply tell me they don’t have the time to properly come up with and execute an inbound strategy that will lead to sustaining success. Is it possible that because the results take time, that it doesn’t seem like an immediate need?

What is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?


As a society, we have become numb to the constant bombarding of advertising. It’s everywhere and has been for so long that now we just ignore it. So, inbound marketing takes that into account. Instead of standing on a street corner shouting about your company, product, or service, you should show what makes you and your business different.

What is a Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?


A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that generates leads by providing an offer to a visitor in exchange for their contact information. That means you have to provide something that a potential customer wants and make sure it is beneficial enough for them to provide their information.

Top 10 Types of Inbound Marketing Content

Top 10 Types of Inbound Marketing Content


Content is the lifeblood of your inbound marketing campaign. Without it, there is nothing to fill your site, nothing to promote on social media, and no data to analyze. You cannot have an inbound marketing campaign without content any more than you can build a home without a foundation.

Top 7 Ways of Promoting Inbound Marketing Content

Top 7 Ways of Promoting Inbound Marketing Content


If you’re a small business owner who just spent a couple hours before bed every night for the past couple weeks writing the best, most informative Whitepaper or eBook the world has ever seen, how do you get the word out to the world that you have added something extremely valuable to the world and people need to read it?

Top 10 Inbound Marketing Metrics to Monitor

Top 10 Inbound Marketing Metrics to Analyze


Analytics can be a daunting part of the process for those of us who hate numbers and percentages, but it is just as vital as the content and the promotion because it is the only way to track which parts of your strategy are succeeding and which need improvement. In fact, without analytics, you would just be posting blindly, hoping the content you are posting and promoting is working.

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