Most agencies use this section to tell you about their break rooms with organic coffee and kegs of craft beer and ping pong tables. And then they’ll tell you how hard they work and how dedicated they are to their craft and to their customers.


I drink coffee at work and beer afterwards. And, I still have nightmares about my youngest brother beating me 21 out of 25 times in ping pong. So, needless to say, no table here.


SEO Content Writer | Inbound Marketing | Content Marketing | Mike D. O'BrienI flipped houses to pay for my undergraduate degree in Business. I bartended to pay for my Master’s in Creative Writing. I have a blue collar work ethic and a white collar mind. By combining my education, experience, and skills, I am the only one you should trust to tell your company’s story.


I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on creating your story, promoting it, and perfecting the strategy.





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Inbound Marketing is a long-term strategy that drives traffic, generates more leads, and increases sales.

B2B companies that blog only 1-2 times a month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t.

Content Marketing provides 3 times more leads per dollar.

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Create Your Story, Promote It, and Perfect Your Strategy

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