– Mission –

To help small and medium-sized businesses establish consistent online messaging to create more brand awareness, position themselves as leaders in their field, and generate more high-quality leads. 

– Story –

Mike D. O'Brien - Digital Marketing Consultant

I been a writer my entire life. Growing up, my brothers and our friends would film movies on our 20 pound camera. I was the writer. In college, two years from a Marketing degree, I called my dad and told him I wanted to switch majors to Creative Writing. He wisely told me to stay the course, but a few years after I graduated with a Business degree, I pursued a Masters in Creative Writing. Throughout my 20s I wanted to be the next great American novelist. 

One of my courses during my last year of graduate school was about building an online presence. We learned the importance of establishing your own website, being active on social media, and building an audience before being published. My two passions (marketing and writing) finally came full circle.

I learned very quickly that establishing a digital presence was difficult. It took time to learn the different tools and then to stay consistently active. I had to find articles to post on social media, say something witty, use the right hashtags, and then engage with others. For the blog, I had to come up with ideas for articles, write them, edit them, find relevant images, and post them. Then, I had to write social posts and share them on different platforms. 

Being around blue collar workers throughout my 20’s (I flipped houses to pay for my bachelor’s degree and bartended to pay for my masters), I realized that small business owners faced the same challenges. They were extremely busy, wearing multiple hats while trying to grow their business. They wouldn’t have time to build an online presence.

Jess Mike and Lucy O'Brien enjoying a hike - Digital Marketing Consultant
Stop Marketing with the Wrong Tools Over Typewriter - Mike D. O'Brien - Digital Marketing Consultant

Helping Businesses Grow

I’ve found many small business owners fall into two camps. The first are those who understand the value of digital marketing. They try to set up a blog and their social media presence, but then life gets in the way. They enter their busy season and fall behind. Once they’re out of the routine, they stop working on it and they fall behind. 

The second camp are those who don’t think it’s valuable. They feel as though they need to compete with Amazon and Google and simply don’t have the time or the resources. So they do the bare minimum to have enough of a presence online. But their digital presence doesn’t build their brand or establish trustworthiness. It just exists.

If you don’t invest in digital marketing, you cannot grow your business online.

Impact of Digital Marketing

Small and medium-sized businesses that invest in digital marketing see results


of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through content rather than ads.


of consumers go online to find a local business or local services.


of online experiences begin with a search engine.


of people research a company ONLINE before visiting a small business or making a purchase.

Is Your Business Leveraging Digital Marketing?

According to research, 80% of small businesses do not invest in content marketing, and experts warn they are missing a key marketing opportunity. Additionally, only 25% of small businesses invest in online marketing and only 17% invest in search engine optimization.

Stay ahead of your competition. Invest in digital marketing now to expand your brand, build trust with your target audience, and generate more business. 

I’d be honored to help your company continue to grow. 

Stop Marketing with the Wrong Tools Over Typewriter - Mike D. O'Brien - Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Services

  • Local SEO
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Strategy
  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM Improvements