Keyword Analysis

Even with all of Google’s updated algorithms, keywords are still the backbone of optimized content and user experience. Keywords are the basis for your content and one of the ways new visitors will find your site.

Long Tail Keywords

One, two, or even three work keywords are fool’s gold. Business owners see thousands of searches for these short keywords and think, “Wow. If only I could get on page 1 for that keyword. Think of all the traffic I’d get.”

But studies have shown that searchers that enter only a word or two are more likely at the beginning of the buying process and still doing research. So, not only is there more competition, there is still further to go with these visitors in the buying journey.

Researching and targeting long-tail keywords is how you reach visitors closer to making a purchase.



How to Find Keywords

-Company/ Brand/ Industry
-Specific Departments
-Specific Products or Services
-Specific Benefits of Product or Service
-Specific Problems Customers Face without Product or Service
-Questions Customers ask Sales Team
-Continually Updating Based on Trends and Technology


Impact of Voice Searches

The use of voice searches continues to rise and so is dialogue or question-based searches. These are always long tail keywords. By writing blogs around questions customers are asking your sales team is a good way to rank for questions your potential visitors are likely asking.




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