Analyzing the data from your inbound marketing strategy is how you can tell what’s working and what aspects of your strategy need to be restructured. With technology, all aspects of your strategy can be monitored.

Website Analytics
-Unique Visitors
-Bounce Rate
-Time Spent on Site
-Number of Pages Visited
-What Page They Arrived At
-What Page They Left From
Email Analytics
-Open Rate
-Hard Bounce Rate
-Soft Bounce Rate
-Best Time to Send
-Best Subject to Use
-Best Content to Send
-Best Responding Targets
-Click-Through Rate
Social Media Analytics
-Followers/ Connections
-Likes/ Retweets/ Favorites/ Comments
-Which Content Performs Best
-Best Times of Day
-Leads Generated









Benefits of Analytics

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Your website should be your handshake to customers and a sales rep for your company, focused on funneling visitors to leads and leads to customers as efficiently as possible. With the ease of information at our fingertips, continuously monitoring and improving your site to optimize results and generate more sales, has become easier.

All aspects of an inbound strategy can be monitored. Strengths and weaknesses are proven in black and white with cold, hard statistics, allowing you to put more time and effort into the strategies that work.




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Tired of constantly trying to rank higher on Google without success? Been burned by snake oil salesmen promising 10,000% percent growth in only a matter of weeks?

Inbound Marketing is a long-term strategy that drives traffic, generates more leads, and increases sales.

B2B companies that blog only 1-2 times a month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t.

Content Marketing provides 3 times more leads per dollar.

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