Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Ad-Blocker or no Ad-Blocker, Google AdWords is an important part of your marketing strategy. There’s a reason why most major companies use it and that’s because it’s successful. After all, almost 90% of Internet users use Google.

But AdWords isn’t only limited to the search results. With Google’s Display Network your image, video, and animated ads can appear on millions of websites. These include remarketing ads that follow past visitors to your site. Imagine someone visiting your site and then seeing a remarketing ad for the next couple days right alongside international corporations. Those guests will think your company is on par with those other companies and will more than likely visit your site again.

Using Google AdWords to its full potential is another layer to putting your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. This may not result in clicks all the time (in fact the click through rate for most Display Network ads is under 4%), but it is creating brand awareness.



Google AdWords to Drive Traffic


You visit a website, browse a couple products or services, maybe even put one or two in a shopping cart to return to later. Then, you continue browsing through news sites and your other favorite websites. And there your products are, seemingly taken right out of your shopping cart and thrown in your face again. How’d they know?

You are searching for the best LASIK eye surgeon in New York City. The top three spots on the Search Results Page (SERP) are ads. Some people never click one of those ads. Other people only click the ads. Either way, those companies paid for the top spots and were seen by a potential customer.

That is the goal of marketing in general, and inbound marketing, specifically. Getting your company, your brand, your website in front of potential customers. When done properly, your customers will see your brand in social media, on blogs they read, and on Google searches, with both paid and organic results. Those layers all work in conjunction to drive traffic to your site, to increase your brand awareness, to develop more qualified leads, and to more sales.



PPC as a Component of Inbound Marketing


Increasing brand awareness and incoming traffic to your site are the main components of inbound marketing. AdWords works in conjunction with the other components of inbound marketing because it is another way to drive traffic to your site and create brand recognition, even if the ads aren’t clicked.

When potential customers click through to your site, if you are providing relevant information as well as a promotional offer, they are more likely to stay and explore. This is another reason why presenting your company as an authority is important. Or, you can use AdWords as an avenue strictly to promote discounts and sales. “Click this and receive 10% off” is a great way to get qualified visitors to your site.


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