Twitter is a great tool to generate leads and interact with prospects because it’s informal. People engaging on Twitter have their guard down (to an extent) and are looking to grow their own following by engaging with others.

After all, it is called social media.

However, when used for business your objectives are to generate leads and increase sales, and not simply engaging with others. Any and all interactions should have those goals in mind, or look to grow your network and increasing brand awareness. But even those interactions should have the end goal of a sale.

Because it is informal, Twitter presents an opportunity to engage with prospects without coming across as, according to Mario Martinez Jr. and Sabra Rubinstein, “too salesy”.

No matter how you choose to approach your social media strategy, and Twitter in particular, you need to engage with your followers. That’s how you nurture your connections to becoming leads and expand your network.

Generating Leads with Twitter:

  1. Educate Customers:

Working with a lot of startups and small businesses just entering the social media fray has taught me that the number one objective when starting out is brand awareness. Initially, you’re main focus is to leverage social media, and Twitter in particular, to grow your network and your following to generate more leads. To increase brand awareness on Twitter, you need to:

  • Post content to your site regularly
  • Tweet links to content 3-5 daily
  • 3-5 Retweets daily that reinforce brand
  • Engage with new followers
  • Engage with people who like or retweet your tweets
  • Follow 5-10 new people/ businesses per day

  1. Promote Gated Content:

Top 5 Ways to Generate Leads with TwitterYour business needs to create whitepapers, eBooks, case studies, and webinars to properly leverage your website to generate leads. Though every business won’t benefit from all of those forms, every business will benefit from some. By promoting this premium content with tweets linked to landing pages, your website will generate more leads.

  1. Create Lists:

There are two types of lists on Twitter: Public and Private. Lists are a targeted approach to cut through the noise and chatter of your regular feed. By using lists you can follow the timeline for users on that particular list. And, the best part is that you don’t have to be following a user to add them to your list, either public or private. Mario Martinez Jr. recommends creating three lists: Client, Prospect, and Competitor. Use lists so that you can follow and engage with prospects and clients about topics relevant to them.

  1. Survey Followers:

Have you always wondered what troubles your clients or prospects the most? Tweet a survey or question to your followers to find out what “pains” they have that you may be able to solve. This is a great way to engage with specific followers and to come up with topics for blog posts or premium content.

  1. Advertising:

Twitter may not have as many active users as Facebook or YouTube, but it is still a valuable resource to target your advertising budget to specific demographics. By using the targeting feature, you can target those who follow your competitors, those in a certain location, or those similar to your followers. This allows your message to reach a specific audience.Top 5 Ways to Generate Leads With Twitter

Social media sites like Twitter provide your business an opportunity to generate leads and increase sales, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Although the strategy takes time and resources, you cannot overlook Twitter as a valuable piece of your overall marketing strategy. Use Twitter to your advantage by creating great content, engaging with followers, and promoting your content, which will increase brand awareness and generate more leads.

Everyday your business isn’t using Twitter to generate more leads is another day you’re falling behind your competitors. If your business is ready to start leveraging social media to generate leads and increase sales, contact me today for your Free Consultation. Or you can read about other ways to promote your content.

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