A landing page is a stand-alone webpage that generates leads by providing an offer to a visitor in exchange for their contact information. That means you have to provide something that a potential customer wants and make sure it is beneficial enough for them to provide their information.


Landing Page Essentials:

  1. Types of offers:

What you’re offering to potential leads depends on the type of lead you are trying to acquire. A visitor to your site can become a lead at any point in the Buying Process, so you need to have landing pages for each step and provide relevant, important offers behind each. Some examples of offers include:

  • eBook or Whitepaper
  • Email Subscription
  • Webinar
  • Consultation
  • Coupons
  • Contest Entry
  • Free Trial
  • Physical Gift
  • Notification of Future Product Releases


  1. Structure of a Landing Page:

Because the point of a landing page is to capture user data, on the landing page you have to provide a description of what the visitor will receive in exchange for their information. You have three seconds to entice a visitor to submit. That means the whole page has to be directing the visitor to click Submit.

  • No Navigation: Make sure visitor is focused on becoming a lead
  • Main Headline: Action verb, offer, and benefit

Example: “Receive Your Free eBook”

  • Supporting Headline: Show benefit to visitor

Example: “Learn How Landing Pages Generate Leads”

  • Image or Video: Unbounce’s landing page articles calls it a “Hero Shot”
  • Benefits of Offering: 3-5 Bullet points showing benefits and statistics
  • Social Proof: Testimonial or brands you’ve worked with
  • Call to Action: CTA should be large, easy to see, and concise


  1. Structure of Form:

The point of providing the visitor with this offering is to get their contact information. But, what should you ask for? According to Inbound Marketing Agents, “Only ask for the information you truly need for your specific business.” If a visitor sees a long form asking for every piece of their personal data, your conversion rate is going to plummet. Figure out your objectives and ask for the information that will help you achieve those objectives.


  1. Match Landing Page with Promotion:

How are you going to promote this offer? You should be using a combination of targeted blog posts, social media, on-site CTAs, and PPC ads. All of those CTAs should be matched to the landing page. It seems simple enough, but how often have you clicked on an ad or link just to end up at a company’s homepage? That’s not what drew you to the CTA. Don’t make the same mistake.

Example: “Receive Your Free eBook on how Landing Pages Generate Leads” should bring you to the landing page about receiving that eBook. Nowhere else.

What is a Landing Page?

Starting a Landing Page

Every website needs landing pages to generate leads. But first, you need something to offer. The best way is come up with a list of three or four long term goals and set specific dates on posting. An easy place to start is offer a benefit or discount for signing up for the email subscription. Next, work on a Whitepaper or eBook that shows the benefits of a certain aspect of your industry.

All of these take time, but you are building a foundation for generating future business. And, these offers can be generating leads for at least a couple months, if not a couple years. This allows you to promote these offers through social media, blogs, and PPC ads. Let your content provide value to visitors and actively promote it and properly structure your landing page, and your website can generate leads.

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